November 23rd, 2005



The situation: andres_s_p_b has been looking for a job for a while. He would most like to work for [company A] and [company B]. He's gone through the whole interview process with both of them. [Company A] was on the ball and got everything scheduled very quickly, then promptly made him an offer. [Company B] has been slower and less organized. [Company A] is in Seattle, which seems like a very nice place about 8 or 9 months out of the year and then has this winter thing where it's cloudy for three months straight.

I get kinda twitchy when it's overcast for more than a day or two.

andres_s_p_b would also prefer to work for [company B], which is in Mountain View, California, a generally much nicer place. Which is why houses cost ridiculous amounts there. We need to know what the offer from [company B] is so that we can figure out whether to take the offer from [company A] or [company B]. We'd rather take B, if it's enough to live on in that area, but we need to see the offer first. We've been waiting to hear back from [company B] for Quite Some Time Now.

[Company B] said they'd be giving us an offer on Tuesday, so we had a little party Tuesday night to celebrate having a decision.

[Company B] did not call us on Tuesday.

[Company B] did not call us on Wednesday.

When we harassed [Company B], they allowed as how Thanksgiving was being an issue, and perhaps they could get back to us next week?

[Company A] would like andres_s_p_b to start work next Monday.

This is a problem.
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