November 18th, 2005


I vent some rage

So the other day I was having a nice chat with my sibling, which wandered over into general ranting. Here's the good bit:

Sibling: I've never understood why it has to be science vs. religion. Real science isn't even remotely trying to answer the question of Godlyness in our universe, it's just stating observable phenomenon
Sibling: It's not witchcraft (like spelling)
Tiger Spot: Well, there are two views on that. There is the 'separate realms' view, which says that anything you can observe about the real world (what *is*) is science, and anything about morals (what *should be*) is religion.
Tiger Spot: That's what reasonable people think.
Tiger Spot: The other view is known as the 'mouth-breathing dumbass fundamentalist' view, and it goes "All y'all women and animals and differnt colored folks are supposed to work for me because this book says I am of the chosen people, and no I haven't read it but that's what my preacher says and he is RIGHT, and everything in this book is literally true even though the first two chapters contradict each other in several different ways and ALL Y'ALL ARE GOING TO HELL and I'M GLAD but YOU AIN'T TAKIN' MY POOR SWEET INNOCENT CHILDREN (who don't know anything about sex and will therefore be knocked up within a year because they have no idea how not to be) WITH YOU BY SHOWIN' THEM ANYTHING THAT MIGHT MAKE THEM THINK!"
Tiger Spot: Or something along those lines; I'm a little fuzzy on the details.

It was awfully cathartic.

And then andres_s_p_b read it over my shoulder and laughed and said "You should put that on your LiveJournal!"

So I did.