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Kids these days
Our apartment faces the pool, and we keep the windows open during the day so we don't broil and die. Therefore, we sometimes overhear interesting things.

For instance, today during dinner, andres_s_p_b looked up and said "Did that kid just say 'You will die for your sins'?" Then one boy started chanting, in as deep a voice as he could manage, "Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah...." After a moment, another voice chirped "I'm a human sacrifice!" There was a splash.

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I would have liked hanging out with kids like that back in the day...

Somewhat later, the older boys announced that everyone else should run off and amuse themselves while they "thought of another story." We've got some budding GMs back there, I think. :)

You would have been disturbed

So I take it you would have been amused at my brother and I playing "missionary and Martyr"? It freaked out my parents and we were ordered to stop.

Re: You would have been disturbed

Silly parents. As long as the one playing the cannibal isn't actually eating the one playing the missionary, it is harmless and educational fun!

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