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What would you do with a 15-year-old bike helmet?
I have finally given up and bought a new bike helmet. I feel bad throwing the old one out, but all the adhesive disintegrated, so the padding fell out and it doesn't fit my head any more. Is there any conceivable use for a 15-year-old bike helmet?

On a similar topic, is there anything useful to be done with four large, irregularly shaped pieces of styrofoam? I feel like I should be starting some kind of craft project, but details escape me....

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I think I would probably just toss the helmet. Which, given what you know of my tendencies to keep anything that might be useful, should give you an idea of how much luck I've had thinking of uses for it. I might conceivably keep the straps.

You could line it with heavy aluminum foil, mount it upside down on a rough tripod made from large bits of the styrofoam, paint the whole unit a dark gray and splatter it with spray paint in various bright colors until it's all colorful, and plant herbs in it, though.

What are you kidding? COSTUME IDEAS. Or crazy sculpture. If you aren't offended by fake flowers, irregular styrofoam is often used in floral design.

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