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Three Month Victoria Update

Right! Time keeps passing!

Tori is doing wonderfully. She sleeps through the night most nights. Last night she fell asleep about 5:00 pm. I thought she was napping, but she just slept straight through to 7:00 am, then woke up and started squealing like she was tuning in Happiness Radio. (I would tell you how to get your baby to do this, but it isn't anything we did. She just came this way.)

She's figuring out how hands work. She's gotten good at stuffing them into her mouth, and she's working on using them to stuff other things into her mouth too. She's very close to rolling over. As soon as she figures out what to do with that bottom arm she's golden.

She has an amazing attention span and is totally happy to hang out in the activity gym or her little rocking chair and inspect the various objects on the toy bar for upwards of 45 minutes. She also likes to make faces and have little practice conversations with people, but not for as long. She is an introvert. I didn't know babies came in introvert flavor.

Morgan still thinks she is just the coolest thing, and looks forward to when she is more interactive. Tori finds Morgan very interesting but often a bit much. Galen really really wants to lick her face.
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