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The letter T

From rushthatspeaks, a meme! Various things beginning with the letter T:

Something I hate: Terror. I get very frustrated when the reaction to criminals attempting to sow chaos and foment hate is to ramp up airport security theater and bluster about some minority group or other and generally cooperate with the entire goal of the bad actors. No you are giving them what they want! Don't do that! Hug your family. Join hands and dance. Sing cheerful drinking songs and/or your national anthem loudly, at the top of your lungs. Make lewd gestures with your fingers and refuse to be intimidated.

Something I love: Tea. Lately I have been mostly on herbal tea, as I had gotten caffeine-dependent again and needed a reset. I do love a nice cup of Assam, with a bit of milk, and soon enough I will be in desperate enough sleep deprivation that I will have frequent excuses to have a good proper caffeinated cup of standard tea. In the meantime, mint is lovely, and so is Bengal Spice.

Somewhere I've been: Tied House. This is a sort of pub here in town, where they have many interesting beers (which I don't like), lots of burgers (which I am likewise not much interested in), and really good nachos (target acquired!). We used to eat here pretty frequently but we haven't been in a long time. I should suggest it next time we feel like going out.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Titan. I mean, probably not personally go as such, space exploration is exactly what robots are for, but it seems like a very interesting place worth quite a lot of detailed looks! Nitrogen atmosphere, largely composed of water ice, methane cycle quite similar to Earth's water cycle -- what's not to like?

A film I like: Toy Story 2. My first date with andres_s_p_b, we went out to watch Toy Story 2 and got ice cream. It was nice. And, you know, worked out pretty well as dates go. We still like kids' movies. Who's up for Zootopia?

Would you like a letter? Comment and I will lovingly hand-select one for you based on an arcane formula involving how puckish I feel at the time.
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