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Focus groups are cool
I got paid $75 dollars today for sitting in a room talking about computer games for two hours!

And they had a drawing for everyone who showed up early to give out another check! And I won the drawing! That's the most valuable thing I've ever won in my life.

I have forms you can fill out if you'd like to register for other focus groups.

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I'm jealous. I've never gotten paid when I'm a focus group.

Of course, that may have something to do with the absence of "in" in that sentence, and the fact that my being a focus group amounts to suzanne's boss making humorous comments about asking their focus group about an idea, and Suzi thus coming home from work and asking me things at dinner like, "So, as a researcher, do you think our latest idea is as neat as I think it is?"

I doubt it'd do me much good, unfortunately, being two states away and all. Makes better money than what I'm doing now. :P

Yeah, it pays quite well on an hourly basis. Not what you'd call steady work, but I'm glad I ran across it.

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