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Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart Living

Date with Bert (known desperate ladies' manmuppet).
Date with self.

Am I missing anything?

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Just. Just wow.


I've noticed that a lot of the human characters in Muppet related things just can't stop touching the Muppets. Go out. Buy Muppet Show Season One DVD. Watch as nearly every guest can't keep their freaking hands to themselves.

Then again, if I had the chance to pet Cookie Monster I prolly woudn't stop either. Something about puppets makes people nuts, man.

We've been watching Muppet Show season 1 via Netflix, actually. It's insane -- the last one we watched had Charles Aznavour (a French... singer, I think? It's hard to tell sometimes) demonstrating how to reduce a woman to a puddle of goo by speaking French at her. Of course he had to demonstrate this on Miss Piggy, and we were all Should we be watching this? Would you two like to be alone together? It was like that bit in When Harry Met Sally where Sally demonstrates how to fake an orgasm in a restaurant, except without the faking.

Piggy is all over all the male guests; Kermit is all over all the female ones; it's just creepy interspecies flirt central. And I think I already posted my reaction to the episode where Ernie and Bert were guests, which was more or less "Holy crow! This is a kids' show?!"

Although I suppose the thinking is that the kids won't get any innuendo at all, and it at least keeps the parents / babysitters / nostalgic adults like me entertained. Which is probably true.

I'm just enjoying how disruptive Cookie Monster is to Martha Stewart's explanations. It's like they're trying to make him as deliberately obtuse and disruptive as possible. Much fun!

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