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We have had two deaths in the extended family recently, so Morgan has been seeing various parents be sad, and hearing about some concepts that are new to her, like funerals. But neither of the relatives had been a regular presence in her life, so they were fairly abstract new concepts.

Then one of the chickens died. (Not unexpectedly; Teckla'd been gradually declining in a vague sort of elderly-chicken way for about a year, and one day last week settled in behind the shed and waited quietly until she was all done being a chicken.) So that brought some of this confusing stuff we'd been talking about into sharper focus for her. It's hard to tell how much of it she's understood; she nodded along with all the explanations in the evening, and watched me bury Teckla, and asked questions then, but the next morning she called for her when we were feeding the chickens, and was mad at me for burying her so she couldn't come get her treats. She says she misses Teckla, and also that we should get a puppy since we're down a pet.

As part of her processing, one of her imaginary brothers and sisters (Bean) has died, and there are only two left now (Eggplant and Lettuce). I feel much sadder about that than seems reasonable. Possibly I am sad because Morgan isn't particularly; she mostly brings it up when I am being impatient about her stealing the bike pump to inflate her babies' imaginary scooter tires, to assure me that she'll be quick "because Bean died, so there are only two scooters now."

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No, that is sad. It's heartbreaking watching kids process these things sometimes.

For some reason the Junebug seems to only want to talk about death right after pooping, which means it's kind of awkward because I can't hurry his sobbing and yet I really need to wipe his butt.

Oh, sobbing. :( We have not had any sobbing. (Well, not about death, anyway.)

She has asked a few times who will take care of her if all her parents die, but fortunately that is both (a) super unlikely and (b) very easy to answer, what with all that lawyering we did a while back, so it does not seem to be turning into a particular worry for her.

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