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Project: Live Through March
Status: Success!

I am writing this on March 31st, and due to a horror of March dropping more things on my head last-minute I am not going to post it until tomorrow. It doesn't count as bragging if nobody's seen it yet, right? Right. (I will update this paragraph if anything awful happens on Tuesday.) (Nothing awful happened on Tuesday. Tuesday was nice and relaxed.)

Anyway. March! My goal for the month was Live Through March, I have lived through March, all is well. Now I can continue with various organize and declutter goals that got delayed by March Happening, and hang out with friends, and sit down and properly compose this song that's been pounding on my brain trying to get out, or maybe skip it in favor of the other one that just jumped me and is more cheerful and representative of my actual existence, and clean off my desk, and actually write up this insight I had about Why We Are All So Busy These Days that I have been meaning to share, although obviously not all at once and in fact not as fast as I had been planning because dealing with chicken mites has been occupying really irritatingly large chunks of my time lately. We are not all so busy because of chicken mites, chicken mites are irrelevant to most people's busyness levels, that is not the insight.

March did eat the Spring Egg Hunt I was planning to do again this year, which is a darned shame. But between the mites and the busyness (and the earliness of Easter this year) there was no time for planning and prep, so instead we will be going off to a community egg hunt in Los Altos this weekend. I expect it'll be a bit of a madhouse. Maybe we can do one here later in the spring, or for Morgan's birthday. With any luck the mites will be gone eventually, yes? Some day?

Soon we have out-of-town visitors and the great lawyer document signing day and my birthday and cherry blossom festivals and concerts in the plaza and all manner of excitement. And right now I have Lived Through March. Go me.

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I think "chicken mites" is a great phrase for those unexpected, annoying, and disproportionately time-consuming tasks that life sometimes throws one's way. Like when somebody asks me what I've been doing lately, instead of saying, "scanning and uploading the insanely specific bits of documentation that my HSA requires to hand over my money for totally legitimate expenses," I could just roll my eyes and say, "chicken mites".

Congratulations on Living Through March!

Ha, yes! I will be terribly amused if that catches on.

(Oh god, the intersection of health care documentation and financial documentation. ::flees screaming::)

...what does one do about chicken mites?

One treats the chickens and their living space with miticidal powder, about once a week until the damned mites are gone. The hard part is cleaning out the coop to try to root out any mites hiding in cracks or crevices, because it turns out the coop is constructed entirely of crevices. So that's time consuming and unpleasant. Also very warm, because one wants to wear long sleeves so as not to get the insecticide on one's skin, and then one is crawling around scrubbing things in hard-to-reach corners and otherwise putting in effort. So one needs to allow extra time for showering after, and doing extra laundry.

It is, generally, Trouble.

I'm definitely glad you met your goals. And I do agree, chicken mites are probably not the cause of too-much-busy.

(I would say "too much busyness" but then my grade school memories insist that I should change the y to i, making it "business" which might be correct, but not what I want. And I never want to be the guy who gives you the business. So, I'll just noun the adjective. (Or is it an adverb?))

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