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Once again, that's FOGcon 5, this weekend!
Do you know what you're doing this weekend? Why not try FOGcon! March 6-8, 2015 -- that's this Friday through Sunday -- in Walnut Creek.

Pre-registration has now closed, but full weekend memberships and day passes are available at the door. For adults, prices vary by day (Friday $35, Saturday $40, Sunday $30). For youth between 11 and 17, day passes are $10 per day, and kids 10 and under get in free with a parent.

Bring the kids on Saturday to check out the new family programming track, featuring Program Your Parents (learn about simple robotics and programming concepts while ordering your parents around), All-Ages Story Time, and Let's Build a Starship.

If you're curious but not sure about all those strange new people, there's a special Meet & Greet event on Friday afternoon to help you make connections. Or you could volunteer -- everyone at the convention comes through registration at some point, and the consuite is a wonderful place to hang out and chat with new friends. Just e-mail volunteers@fogcon.org and let us know how you'd like to help!

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(Deleted comment)
I do know what I'm doing this weekend! :-)

It's good to have plans!

i'm singing in a concert, but i will miss all of you and look forward to con reports!

Enjoy the concert! I will have to see how much of a report I come out with -- some years I take more notes than others.

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