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Counting and Colors

Morgan has gotten interested in counting things recently. Since she's been focusing on it, she's getting better very quickly, so I had better record the adorable mistakes now before she zooms past them.

Her first number word was "two", and she used it for any group of more than one.

Then she got "three", and started counting small groups like this: "Two, three, two, three, two. TWO!"

Now she is starting to get the idea that the numbers go in an order, and has picked up four and five (although I don't think she's said "one" yet). She is getting better at pointing at all of the objects in a group, and at pointing at each one only once, although that is clearly going to be a long road.

She's also been learning colors. For a long time, if you asked her what color something was, she'd say "blue". Now she'll probably say "purple", or if you've been asking her a string of colors and telling her the right answer each time she'll often repeat the most recent color. However, she can answer questions like "Do you want the purple shoes or the brown shoes?" with the correct color word, without seeing the shoes, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Maybe she understands color words as indicators for specific familiar physical objects, but hasn't actually figured out what generalized characteristic they refer to?
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