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Getting Out the Bad Luck
Today I broke the zipper on my sweatshirt pocket. It is stuck closed with a handkerchief in it.

Then I smacked into a curb while parking. The tire blew up and the wheel bent. I spent the afternoon dealing with that instead of doing anything fun or useful -- now the car has one new wheel, four new tires (the rear ones were worn out and the store didn't have the existing size in stock, so the new ones are slightly bigger), and crooked steering.

The guy at the tire store said maybe I had bad luck in 2013 that needed to be used up. So I hope it's all gone now. We will start on 2014 soon.

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I hope your New Year is off to a start with good luck, and that the bad luck is used up.
And that there are New Year's treats of some kind, since the old year apparently decided to end with tricks instead.

I blame the king tides! What a horrible end to the year, but at least it is all done now. Also think how much safer you will be with nice non bald tires. (we also need to buy new ones.. :( )

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