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More Words!
Possibly I should start doing these weekly; I hear language comes faster and faster as it gets going.

New English words:
ba (ball)
dow (down)

Palabras nuevas en Español:
mira (look)

New ASL signs:
chicken (which she also uses for "outside")

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At this point we couldn't do a list of words the Junebug knows. There are literally multiple new ones every day. It's so exciting.

Has she picked up any Mandarin yet? (I think it's Mandarin...) The fact that she will one day be able to cuss in any one of four languages is kind of fabulous. (I'm thinking particularly of the clown discussion we had... at some point... and how I need to learn that set of three signs.)
Speaking of, how's that swear jar coming?

No, no Mandarin. Although I think Cathy said that the "na" sound Morgan often uses when she's pointing at something she wants means "that", so if she were hearing more Mandarin I might count it. As is I am pretty sure it's a coincidence. :)

Edited at 2013-08-21 07:38 pm (UTC)

I kept track with my first kid up to 500 words. Then I quit. I didn't track beyond the first three with my second kid. Bad mommy.

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