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Morgan is One Year Old!
Happy birthday, Morgan!

Today she had an enormous party (when I started putting together the guest list I went, okay, we don't want this to get too huge, so I will only invite people that Morgan is especially fond of and who are especially fond of Morgan...
wait, just off the top of my head this is already twenty-five people) and fell asleep about an hour earlier than usual. It was just what she wanted, and she had a great time charging hither and thither, being fed watermelon and muffins. She did not care that some of the older kids were much more excited to unwrap her presents than she was, because she got wrapping paper to play with, and wrapping paper is awesome! She was annoyed when I interrupted the charging to make her sit down and eat cake, but she seemed intrigued by the singing.

Here is Morgan at one:

She can walk all the way to the park, but doesn't because she gets distracted by neighbors and flowers and birds and leaves and sticks and neighbors. Mostly neighbors.

She can climb up and down all the stairs you want if she is careful. Sometimes she is careful, and sometimes she tries to use just her legs like a grownup going down a step, which does not work so well.

She loves the dog, and likes to bring things to him, like his toys or ice or her dinner.

She can say mama (which means all her parents) and dog (which is pronounced 'dadu' but has a very clear intent) and boom and hi and agua. She has turned the sign for milk into several slight variations which mean milk, water, ice, and I need a diaper change. She points at things she wants, or leads you to them with this routine I call "What is it, Lassie? Is Timmy in the freezer?"

She likes ice. The other day she figured out how to open the freezer herself. She hasn't closed it yet, but she likes closing other drawers and doors so I remain hopeful.

She's become genuinely helpful in unloading the dishwasher. I can hand her one plastic storage container at a time, and she will put it in the drawer, close the drawer, applaud herself, and come looking for the next container.

She loves books and hugs and adventures.

She likes knowing what happens next, especially if what happens next involves going outside. Feeding the chickens is awesome. (This morning she caught Teckla, who was Very Surprised.)

She waves at everyone, because everyone is clearly totally awesome.

She makes me think that everyone is, probably, totally awesome.

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She's a star. It was in fact totally awesome to share her birthday party with her.

Oh, it *was* "agua", then! For a moment we thought she was responding to the conversation about haggis. :)

Also, I heard a couple of syllables that clearly meant "chickens".

Thank you so much for having us. That was a lot of fun. :)

Thank you so much for inviting us, it was a really fun time!

She is adorable. :)

aww, time flies! happy birthday to her!

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