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Not Yet Eleven Months Update
It's early for a monthly update, but Morgan has hit one of those sudden phase changes and is a completely different creature than she was at ten months.

She's walking almost exclusively now; she still crawls occasionally, but it's rare. She climbs up stairs with confidence and speed. While visiting my parents recently, she got a lot of practice with stairs, and developed the ability to very carefully climb down exactly one stair (then climb back up and call for help).

Her new hobby is putting things in other things. Any object stored below waist level may now be found in any drawer or shelf or bit of floor in the entire rest of the house. She's figured out nesting, and can spend ages putting various cups and buckets inside slightly larger cups and buckets.

She now points at things she wants, and babbles in ways that sound, in terms of inflection although not in terms of specific syllables, very much like "What's that?" or short observational sentences. She can very clearly indicate whether the thing you have or are pointing at is in fact the thing she wants. Also she may be attempting to say "boom" when she falls down.

Because she's walking now, we tried putting shoes on her at the park. But she won't stand up in them. "You broke my feet!" seems to be her general opinion.

Her 19-month-old cousin visited this weekend. He's very sweet. Morgan liked being around him, but he was not very enthusiastic about this small vicious creature stealing his stuff and grabbing his hair. (What happened to parallel play? I thought there was supposed to be a stage where they didn't pound on each other first.)

So! Tiny little kid. Very adorable, very social, very active. Learns new things every day. Amazing!

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The Children Randomise The Locations Of Objects situation will only get more severe over time, I warn you! Though KJ is now old enough that she notices that she has misplaced things and wanders the house calling, "[Item], where are you?"

We put the kids in moccasins, basically. There's a place that makes adorable ones on etsy.

artan_eter is big on not putting kids into shoes with hard soles or arch support. Our kids treat the rare occurrences of more solid shoes (rain boots, a pair of pink crocs that FM loved to cuddle so much at the consignment store that we bought them as a toy) with the same reverence as some kids treat adult high heels.

These are the shoes that we get, but the same type is made by a bunch of different people. They work fine outside.

We also have Stonz covers for wet / winter (as well as cheap novelty rain boots from REI because KJ thought they were awesome):

Thinner (or no, but there are more sharp hazards in the environment now) soles allow for better foot proprioception - the child can actually feel the ground instead of just the sole of the shoe. I think this is important when learning how to walk/run/etc and leads to better balance and body-space coordination potential.

Of course FM loves the hard-soled shoes that were acquired for her as toys to play with (to the point that we've had to put them away so she's not demanding to wear them all the time), but I think some of that is because it feels strange/novel and has a stompy-gait which is silly. Heavier and thicker soles also change the way foot-strike is developed and have more knee-absorption of impact rather than ankle-then-knee.

I'm going to agree with all the other folks talking about moccasin-like shoes. Robeez is a good brand to look for. We kept C in them until his feet outgrew the largest size, and they were perfectly fine for walking around in outside, etc.

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