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Whee, dancing!
Today we went to see Tempest give a free concert in the park with tenacious_snail, tshuma, and... er... lots of other people with LiveJournals.

It was very cool. I have a CD now, but only one because that is how much cash I had. :(

The lots of other people know real dances, and did very spiffy actual dancing in circles and pairs and lines and trading partners and weaving in and out around each other and this odd one where three people would dance and one would kind of watch them (pretty much everything was based on groups of 4 or in some cases 8). Also they started one of those thingies where everyone holds hands and skips around in a long line, which andres_s_p_b and I got pulled into.[1] There was leaping involved. Clearly I need to incorporate leaping into my daily exercise routine, because my little legs were kinda wobbly after that song.

Then we went and got ice cream. Tasty, but not as good as Amy's. Nothing is.

[1] This seems an apropos time to mention the Rules of Asking Me to Dance. The rules are: You may do it once per half hour or so. You may phrase it as an order ("Come dance!") once. If you ask and I do not want to dance at that moment, further prodding (especially in the form of arm-tugging) will make me Extremely Grumpy, and highly unlikely to dance at all for a good long time, even to songs I like. If there are any songs I like that I don't get to dance to because I am being Grumpy, I will be mad at you for stopping me from dancing to songs I like. So don't do it. I really ought to get this written up on a card I can wear around my neck, because people I've just met often think I want to be cozened or forced into dancing, which backfires spectacularly and leaves no-one happy.

There are two conditions under which I will dance:
(1) There are actual steps, which I know.
(2) I really like the song.

If neither of these conditions applies, I will not be dancing. As long as general conditions are good (I'm not exhausted, the music is not too loud, there are enough people dancing that no-one will look at me), either one is sufficient. I ought to point out somewhere here that I do not in fact know any actual steps, so if you want to get me to dance to a song I don't particularly like you will need to teach me some.

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I will happily teach you Irish dance steps. I have a good house for it. I'm hoping [1] wasn't too horrible a situation, but you seemed to have fun overall. If you weren't, you covered nicely.

Dancing in a line like that just about counts as knowing the steps. I will also do conga lines, for the same reason.

Plus, all the songs they played were totally awesome and therefore counted under condition (2).

Oh, and people included:
miss_emelia (owner of the new Prius), wintergr3y (yet another Googler), frederik (currently enrolled in the CMU extension)(although he only reads and never posts, and reads seldom anyway), ilsitane (she of the long light brown hair), bk2w (my partner), capricious_k (short blonde hair, primary of wintergr3y,....sliv_1, miss_mimsy....and there I putter out of names, although I'm sure there were more.

Now that you mention it, I think incorporating leaping into one's daily exercise sounds like an excellent idea. And an awful lot of fun, once you get your balance.

Leap and bound! And bound and leap!

You may phrase it as an order ("Come dance!") once.

Is this per event, or per lifetime?

If you are so excited that you cannot help yourself, once per dance is acceptable. Less is better. (I tend to react to orders from non-authorized personnel by very firmly doing exactly the opposite. This is not entirely a conscious reaction. I am usually capable of thinking to myself, "Oh, zie didn't mean it like that," once, if not already stressed. Repetition tends to indicate that yes, zie did mean it like that, and is followed by Grumpiness.)

have you been using that pronoun for long?

Also, interesting parameters. I will try not to order you to do anything - on my LiveJournal.

For a few years, but I don't use it very often. Usually I rephrase to plural, or use "he or she". (Or pick an example gender, or use singular "they", although I do these less often in contexts where I expect "zie" not to be distracting.)

I thought I had come on too strong.

I apologize for pushing. I would have asked more politely (should have asked more politely) but as it was the near the end of the show, I was on a dance high and wanted to share.

Usually I am more circumspect and will be so with you in the future. I really appreciate that you joined us for our disorganized circle dance and our line reel.

It was nice to meet you and Andreas.

Re: I thought I had come on too strong.

No, no, you were fine. That stuff is all okay once, and you only did it once. :)

Also, I absolutely do not expect anybody to know my rules if I haven't told them. I mean, apparently lots of people react really well to tugging. At least, I assume they do, otherwise people wouldn't do it to me.

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