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But I'm an Introvert
So we sat down over family dinner this evening and reviewed plans for this holiday weekend.


It does not help that the handyman who was supposed to come today rescheduled for next Wednesday, meaning that I have at least one dealing-with-people thing every day from here to next Friday.

I. What?

I don't want to cancel anything, but next weekend I'mma hide in my hole and not come out. And then the Month of Astounding Amounts of Travel begins! Wheeeeeee....

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I think I spaced mine out sufficiently -- today is kittens at stranger's house, then cleaning at home, sometime I will see my BFF, more cleaning, and Monday is Cathy. If you are there when I come over on Monday afternoon, I will say hello and not be overly social at you. :)

You can be a little bit social; I at least have Monday morning off. I drew a big box on the schedule before noon and labeled it DON'T TALK TO ANYBODY.

If you need an out, you are welcome over here any time you like. Or I will go out and do something with you that's not hugely dealing-with-people like hit the library, or hang out at the park. (If you want.)

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