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A post about something other than rats
Things I have done lately besides stare intently at small furry creatures:

* watched "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (er... wait....)
* gone to the grocery
* lost my sunglasses at the grocery
* found my sunglasses at the grocery a few days later
* gone to the first drum corps competition of the season; thanks to miyasato for information and tickets!
* made dolmas
* made lots of other food which was less interesting
* gone to the Farmer's Market this morning
* bought some herbs and a tomato plant
* bought and set up a fan which is making this room much more tolerable
* biked around a reasonable amount
* started up a Nobilis game with a bunch of folks from andres_s_p_b's workplace; I am GMing; so far all we've done is character creation; I am so not prepared for our first session on Monday

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Stuffed grape leaves. It's a Greek recipe. Essentially, you take a grape leaf (from a jar of them; they come in bunches that are rolled into logs and pickled in brine), put a small spoonful of rice and onion and spices and optionally some sort of ground meat, and roll up the leaf around it, and put it in a pot, and repeat this with the next grape leaf, and with the one after that, and so on for rather a while until you are out of grape leaves or filling (or, ideally, both simultaneously) and have a stack of layers of rolled grape leaves in the pot, and then put some water in the pot and a plate on top of them to hold them down, and simmer them a while.

And lemon juice and olive oil, and optionally (instead of meat) chickpeas.

But now we need to figure out what brooksmoses can do with leftover leaves, because we wound up with rather less filling than it looked like. I'm not sure if there are enough to be worth making a very small batch of slightly different filling, but I don't think there's much that can be done with grape leaves other than stuff them.

You can wrap them around all sorts of other things (mostly fish goes best with them) or just use a very small amount of leftover rice next time you cook some and season it slightly...

I'm not aware of anything people do other than eat them with some sort of filling, though.

Weird. I've eaten stuffed grape leaves all my life, I'm am a quarter Greek (my maiden name is a bastardized Greek name), and yet I've never heard them called anything other than just "grape leaves." Even at the local Greek food festival, I don't remember them being given any other name. Either that, or there is some part of my brain that just refuses to remember the word.

And they're "dawali" at Aladdin's, but that's the Lebanese version, not the Greek one.

bought and set up a fan

(waves) it was pleasant to run into you and brooksmoses there...

Whoa, GMing! So is this your first GM experience?

Indeed! (As long as you don't count running D&D for my parents and sibling back in the day, which really you shouldn't.)

Some time today I should fix that "am so not prepared" thing, although it looks like we may not be starting today after all. Two players are having a transportation emergency, one has parents in town, and a couple aren't actually done with character creation yet (important parts! like picking names!).

Hey, I know it can be pretty nervewracking (since I've been DMing since the end of high school), but it's actually a lot easier than it seems. All you have to remember is this: The players DON'T KNOW how much you've prepared. So get important things down, in your free time make a lot of random NPCs to call upon in emergencies, and most importantly--expect the unexpected. I've learned to almost completely run off the seat of my pants since my players are so creative and unpredictable. Rarely did the things I have perfectly planned out happen that way.

I think you'll do just fine. ^_^

Oh man, I can't even try to plan for these guys.

Today I learned that taking notes makes your players really nervous, especially when you're asking about the final disposition of the evidence from their theft of the Crown Jewels.

Also stolen this session: The corpse of Frank Lloyd Wright, Lucy the australopithecene, and Otzi the Iceman.

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