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A post about something other than rats

Things I have done lately besides stare intently at small furry creatures:

* watched "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (er... wait....)
* gone to the grocery
* lost my sunglasses at the grocery
* found my sunglasses at the grocery a few days later
* gone to the first drum corps competition of the season; thanks to miyasato for information and tickets!
* made dolmas
* made lots of other food which was less interesting
* gone to the Farmer's Market this morning
* bought some herbs and a tomato plant
* bought and set up a fan which is making this room much more tolerable
* biked around a reasonable amount
* started up a Nobilis game with a bunch of folks from andres_s_p_b's workplace; I am GMing; so far all we've done is character creation; I am so not prepared for our first session on Monday
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