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My Job, in the Ten Hundred Most Used Words
I changed jobs a short time ago.

At my old job, I changed words in questions about numbers and how they work to make sure that all the parts of the questions were true. I also made sure that the words were not too long or too hard, and that the questions used the smallest number of words that said what they were supposed to. I made sure that the right answer to each question was there and that the wrong answers were wrong because of not understanding how numbers work (instead of wrong because of not understanding the words).

I did the same thing for questions about how the world works. I also put these questions in order to make groups of questions taken all at once. I made sure that each group had questions about all the different parts of how the world works that each age of student was supposed to know, and that each group had easy, less easy, and hard questions about each part of how the world works.

Before I had the job of changing the words in the questions, my job was to check that other people's changes to the words in the questions happened the way they were supposed to, and that the changes did not make new problems in the questions. I still did that sometimes when my biggest job was changing the words.

Right now my job is to play with my baby. I give her food from my body to help her grow. I keep her safe and help her learn how to feel safe. I show her fun things to play with and take her to new places. I help her to sleep when she is tired and change her clothes when they are wet. I read books to her, I make songs for her (and play songs other people have made), and I talk to her a lot. I wave her around in the air and pretend to eat her head, which she thinks is very fun.

She is learning how to move around in a room by herself and how to eat food that I didn't make in my body. I think she might be learning what some words mean, but it is hard to tell what she knows about words since she can't say them yet.

Soon, I would like to have a job where I help people learn about how the world works. I would most like to help people learn about the places where animals live and the ways that different living things change each other and the world they live in. But I like helping people learn about other parts of how the world works, too. I like helping people learn by talking to them sometimes but not all the time. I would most like to help people learn by writing and making things for people to look at and play with. In a month or so, I will start looking for a job like that. I plan to start with jobs that don't pay money, because there aren't very many jobs like that that do pay money, and I want to make sure I have the right kind of job for me.

I used the Up-Goer Five word checker to make sure all the words I used here were in the ten hundred most used words. I was surprised that these words weren't used enough: math, science, milk, plants, common, affect, interact, cannot, sing, teaching.

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Okay, "I keep her safe and help her learn how to feel safe." got me kinda teary. AUGH HORMONES.

(Also, yay!)

The only words on your list of not-100k words that really do surprise me are "milk" and "plants" and maybe "sing" and "math". The others do seem less common to me. "Can't" is pretty obviously more common than "cannot" to me. People like contractions!

I struggled to find a synonym for "electricity" when I wrote mine. "Lightning" and "spark" were not in the list but "power" was. I was also mildly surprised that "sell" wasn't on the list so I ended up saying "give things away for money" which kindof amuses me.

Affect/interact was mostly interesting in that I couldn't come up with anything that expressed that idea of connection and relationship at all easily. It's such a fundamental part of the way I see the world that it was very startling to have to treat it as a complicated thing.

I was surprised that sing wasn't on the list but song was, and that student was OK but teaching wasn't (and checking now, "teacher" is OK too, but the verb isn't). Those seemed like odd pairs.

I think sing/song makes a depressing kind of sense when you consider that people listen to music a lot more than they make it.

That's so cool! Did you see firecat's? It was brilliant, too.

Edited at 2013-01-25 01:13 am (UTC)

Yeah, there have been some neat adaptations of poetry and songs going around.

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