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Last night we had fajitas for dinner. andres_s_p_b gave the baby a taste of guacamole. As she lunged for the third little sample, he said "I think she likes it!"

By reflex, I told the baby, "I'll fight you for it." Then I realized: "No. No I won't. I'll give you mine and be happy about it. WHAT IS THIS STRANGE FEELING?"

Also, andres_s_p_b wants to go find a highchair this weekend. He is very firm on this point, despite the lack of any opposition, probably because he is often the one holding the baby and getting his dishes grabbed at. She used to be pretty happy in her little rocking chair during dinner, but lately she's decided that all the action is clearly going on above the table so she's got to be up there. Getting her a spot where she can see what's happening without occupying any parental arms would be nice, and now that she can sit up by herself we should have plenty of chair-related options.
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