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For Sale

The House That Eats People is back on the market. I guess that means no more mariachi.

They had an open house this weekend, so we went over to see what they'd done with the place. They've done a lot! And they've done it very quietly; we had no idea there was such an extensive remodel going on. Now it looks like a fairly reasonable, although small, house. All the floors are the same level and everything. You walk into what is effectively a wide hallway leading to the open-plan kitchen. They've got it staged with a couch and a coffee table, but it's really more a hallway than a living room; there's very little public space. The two bedrooms are each reasonably large, and the bathrooms are nice. They've moved some of the fruit trees to the edges of the yard and put in a great big rectangle of grass.

Given the subtlety of the construction, they can't have changed the underlying structure all that much, so although you should always hire an inspector when purchasing a home, in this case what I tell you three times is true and you should hire an inspector, hire an inspector, for the love of god hire an inspector. But if you want a wee house with a lot of outdoor space, and you want to live across the street from us, and you don't mind negotiating the sellers down from their ludicrously hopeful price, come take a look!
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