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Clio discovers her inner submissive

Today, we introduced the big rats and the little rats. They seem to be getting along all right, although there is some disagreement about who exactly is in charge here. Niobe has been spending most of her time pretending she's not there so everyone else will leave her alone.

Given that Clio has wanted to be the dominant rat pretty much since she was born, I was not expecting this to be a complicated decision. The little guys are active, sure, and have been spending quite a lot of time practicing wrestling each other, but they're less than half Clio's size. However, Clio is in heat just now, so she seems only too happy to, er, be on the receiving end of certain dominance-related behaviors. Frankly she looks more surprised than anything.

Perhaps she will get around to squishing the little rats into their appropriate hierarchical rank in a day or two.
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