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Too Productive
I have been too productive today and am therefore somewhat frazzled.

Please. Speak to me of grown-up things.

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After skipping yoga for a few months. My body ached after a medium intensity class on Sunday. Less achey today. Also, nice warm bubble baths are nice for the frazzles.

Mmm. Bubble baths are nice for aches, too!

A nice brisk walk in the cool air was also good for the frazzles. I posit that pretty much any deliberate temperature change is good for something or other.

My pumpkin gorgonzola biscuits came out yummy again, so we know it was not a fluke last time, but I'm not sure how grown-up that is, because I would totally try feeding one to any personage old enough to eat soft bread.

On the other hand, the thing that I know is grown-up stuff is that I have hopes we have finally disentangled health insurance woes, so maybe we should stick with biscuits.

Oh, I know! alecaustin and I finished the draft of the novelette we were working on.

Those are all very nice things (assuming the woes are in fact disentangled). Hurrah for all of them!

I got told on Thursday there was the opportunity to go to a professional conference in Seattle that I'd hoped to go to and couldn't afford to self pay to attend, so I got on a plane by myself and went to Seattle and

went to conference sessions
and met new people
and learned stuff
and ate hotel mac and cheese with brussels sprouts that was really really good two days in a row.

Came home Tuesday morning and did laundry and vacuuming and went to class to take a final exam that night.

Now I must call the hotel and ask if they found my library book which I fear I left there. Failed Grown up there.

Yay! That sounds like fun, and also very useful to your job-related goals.

This is fluffy, but I've been listening to the new Killers album on Grooveshark (Battle Born). I'm trying to decide which night of Not So Silent Night I want to attend - Night One has the Shins, and Night Two has the Killers. Trying to do both sounds like a lot of standing.
Have you heard either new album (Shins or Killers) and what did you think?

Sadly, I am unfamiliar with either band, so I am no help here.

I know this is two days later, but you can save it for next time you need grown-up things if you need to: I've been finding myself nesting, now that I've moved into my new apartment. I'm cleaning things and rearranging furniture and having thoughts for curtains and all kinds of stuff. I'm enjoying it, but it is costing both time and money. (Luckily I have some amount of time, because I arranged to get here a week and a half before my job starts, but that time is mostly used up and the list of things I want to do isn't!)

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