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Drama at the Climbing Gym
Friday night, a kid climbing the crack wall did a hand jam incorrectly and got himself stuck. They had to send up a staff member with a bottle of soap to slick things up enough that he could pull his hand free, and in the meantime he was in pain and also really freaked out.

So if you are climbing cracks, don't double your fingers over (as if you were signing the letter E in ASL)! It is a Bad Idea.

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That sounds very unpleasant.

I would have been very stressed about a freaked out and in pain kid! As ailbhe says, "Poor sausage!"

Oh, man, yes! There wasn't anything I could do to help -- the situation was under control, the staff member was moving as quickly as he could, and I didn't know anyone involved from Adam so I couldn't even be moral support -- but boy did I really want to be helping.

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