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Easter Is In Spring, You Guys
Dear chickens:

I know I just said how much I was looking forward to hosting Easter egg hunts now that we've got all these little toddler buddies, but that does not mean you need to get started hiding eggs now. The nest box has been provided specifically for this purpose, and all of you except Dragon have always done an excellent job using it for its intended purpose. I realize, Teckla, that Dragon is an admirable bird and would totally be in charge if you weren't, but that does not mean you need to improve upon her ideas.

Besides, next to the defunct fountain is a terrible place to hide an egg. Rampaging predators such as the dog would find it just as quickly as I did. Under the coop is at least protected from weasels and snakes and things.

Nest box: there for a reason.

Love and scratch,

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the chickens read LJ? Do they have a computer or lj-enabled device in the coop? :-P

Also, good luck on that... not that I know anything about chickens.

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