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She's Getting Talkative
Morgan wishes me to tell you all: Ah-goo! How. Ah ah ah eh eh IH. NYAA. Goo.

She likes it when you repeat things back to her. She also likes Fur Elise a quite remarkable amount.

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I love the stages of neurological development where they're figuring out this language thing and repeating what they've said back to them is a thing and you can watch the wheels turn. "Wait. Ah ah ah eh eh IH? Is that a thing? Have I hit upon something here?"

It's interesting watching her figure out phonemes. She's all Hmm, the grunting and breathy noises don't get repeated, but these do... and these two slightly different noises get repeated back as the same thing, but this slightly different noise gets repeated as something else....

And some of it is in Spanish, which you wouldn't think would be obvious yet given that she's got maybe half a dozen vowels and a few consonants. But: "ajo". Andres was delighted.

Please tell Morgan "Ah-goo! How. Ah ah ah eh eh IH. NYAA. Goo." from me.

Can do! Also, we should get tea or something. I could maybe try unlocking the "take baby on public transportation" achievement if you can get near a Caltrain station.

I love how early they figure out that interacting with other people is the point of making these throat/mouth noises.

I'm surprised she's stringing them together already. I thought that didn't happen until later.

I love this stage. Well, I think I love all the stages, even the teenage ones. Mmm, Fur Elise -- it's like a sip of cool, fruity wine.

Well, I think I love all the stages, even the teenage ones

Heh. Yep, that sounds like you. :)

I am enjoying this age a lot more than I expected to. I tend to be mostly a fan of kindergarten/first grade or thereabouts. I like being able to talk, and use sweet reason, and get something vaguely reasonable back.

But ah-goo and a great big gummy grin have their charms too.

Looks like it may be time for another video conference! :D

By all means. I am frequently within range of the iPad, so if you poke the FaceTime button I am fairly likely to answer. Baby is most likely to be cute late morning or afternoon.

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