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Things You Didn't Know Were Skills
The baby is learning to suck on her fist. (Everyone needs a hobby.) She's got more voluntary control of her arms than she used to, but she's still not good at directing them, so when she's trying to bring her fist to her mouth she winds up punching herself in the face a lot.

I probably shouldn't find this as amusing as I do.

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Finding that amusing and endearing is a survival mechanism. It's part of why we put up with the screaming.

I remember watching mine do that. They always seemed surprised to see the fist coming.

Nod. I wouldn't have ever thought it would be such a surprise until reading some parents' observations that made me realize that, wow, of course it would be that way.

It's true. When she's cute, she's really really cute.

Finding it amusing is much less mean than hitting her (lightly!) with her own fist yourself and asking, "Why are you hitting yourself, Ris? Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself!" while she wails, "Daaaaave, stoooop it!"

My godfather is evil.

I love him despite it.

Well, mostly because of it. But not mostly because of that particular instance.

But it's okay if I'm thinking it, right? :)

Oh, you can even say it out loud. As long as you're not the one guiding her fist.

definitely amusing. And educational...!

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