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I Suspect This Is Not the Last Time This Happens
andres_s_p_b's brother sent a cute little toy moose for Morgan. I noticed that the tag listed all kinds of interesting characteristics, so I was checking them out as listed -- ah, the antlers are for teething, and there's a squeaker in here, and these bits crinkle, and -- about this point the dog trotted up going "That sounds awesome! I love things that crinkle and squeak! Did you say something about being meant to be chewed on, because I can do that!" and we had to explain to him that this particular toy is not in fact for him, and perhaps he would like to go play with his starfish now instead?

It would be nice if baby toys and dog toys shared fewer characteristics. Or more; I suppose if all the baby's toys were as tough as the ones we get for the dog then sharing would be less of an issue.
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Hm. The dog has never much been interested in the Kong, so he would probably not mind if that got sterilized and handed down. I guess we'll have to see if the baby turns out to be an "extreme chewer". :)

We have worked with Ista on this topic, ideally preemptively.

He's got a good "leave it", but one day something's going to be left on the floor and the dog will find it when nobody else is there to tell him whether it's his or not. He is good about leaving things that aren't toys alone (with a few exceptions), but he is awfully used to toy-shaped things on the floor being his. It'd be nice if there were a general principle we could show him, but whose toys are whose is going to have to just be one item at a time.

(Yesterday the other part of the present arrived -- it is a teepee with several small stuffed animals that go inside. It is almost exactly like a toy the dog has, except that these animals don't squeak.)

... we actually have a 'baby toy' that was purchased at the pet store....

We have that moose! It is a good moose.

I have often been tempted to buy baby toys at the pet stores, but so far have resisted because of wondering just how much the safety standards differ.

It looks like a very fine moose.

Doing a bit of Googling here, it looks like there aren't any federal safety standards for pet toys, but some of the manufacturers voluntarily follow various standards intended for children's toys, and some retailers (including Petsmart and Target) have their own standards for things they sell. So pick your baby toys carefully when at the pet store, I guess.


Reminds me how, in a supermarket yesterday, I was alerted by a sudden squeak.

Looking around I sav 2 old women in front of the pet toy display, squeesing an impossibly pink dog-toy piglet. I overheard one telling to the other: "Neat, right?! I had so much fun with this one last time I was shopping here!"

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