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Baby's First Hiccups
Baby has hiccups. Baby is perturbed.

People and creatures Morgan has reminded me of so far (not hiccup-related):

Winston Churchill
a monkey
a frog
a turtle
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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Nobody told her about hiccups! She was not informed!

i LOVE when babies have the little turtle overbite lip!

When KJ was brand-new she was a dead ringer for William Shatner.

I imagine everything (hiccups included) is going to be new and bizarre for her for quite some time... :)
You can have that moment from Glee with the peanut butter ALL OVER AGAIN. If you ever wanted that. Which you may not.

I had to get Cathy to explain that to me.

Right now new and bizarre appears to be mostly worrying or objectionable. But we'll get around to interesting and exciting eventually.

Newborn Junebug would have these hiccups so huge it was like his whole tiny chest just inverted and me and Mr. E would freak out and he wouldn't even notice.


Morgan does not like hiccups at all. She notices them, oh yes, and objects strenuously.

I love that icon.

Aww. I had totally forgotten our own's hiccups.

This reminds me to mention that your people should take lots of videos and photographs, since newborn sleep schedules will break up your own sleep in ways which inhibit long-term memory formation.

Short-term memory formation, too! If it's not written down, it doesn't exist.

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