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Pictures of the aforementioned rats


And back to their normal behavior, tails!

In both pictures, that's Calliope on the left and Echo on the right.

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oh, the cute! it burns! :)

You should see them in action! andres_s_p_b says he'll take some video with his "phone" soon.

(Because it's not really a phone. He does everything with it except talk.)

I love Echo's colour. So cute :)

The paler color on the top of her head is because she's molting out of her first baby coat. It'll be interesting to see just what color she winds up eventually.

Oy! and, with the cuteness! The Cuteness!! Cute Overload.

Awwww, sweeties. ^_^

... Sweeties, right? They haven't destroyed anything yet, right?

They are very sweet, and there has been no destruction. There has ben a lot of really persistent "I don't want to go back in the cage!"

Well, I won't call that disruptive. Disruptive is the amazingly loud crying that the kitten can do if he's left in the room. >_o Oy.

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