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Battle Scars
I have developed some stretch marks, as tends to happen during this process, although they didn't show up until quite late. I'm not sure how obvious they're going to be long-term; they're sort of intermittent now (sometimes they're distinct purple marks, sometimes they're just shiny patches). But I was a little bummed out about it -- stretch marks, bah, stretch marks are boring. So chinders suggested I think of them as battle scars.

Yes. That's a much better idea.

"Mama, what are those?"
"Well, honey, those are from when I went down to the underworld to get you. I had to steal you back from the storks."

I am envisioning this as a fairly Aztec sort of underworld, with stylization and blood sacrifice. The storks can have sinister medical accoutrements, and possibly plague doctor masks.

I'm not sure I need to write this story, but perhaps someone should suggest it to Ursula Vernon.

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Most recent set of strips at oglaf.com (NSFW) has spoiled the creepiness of plague doctor masks for me.

That is a shame, because they are darned creepy.

That's how we think of Lynne's stretchmarks. :-)

It has been noted that, according to the original myths, the Valkyries carried two sets of people to Valhalla: warriors who died in battle, and women who died in childbirth. So the parallel has some precedent.

Huh; I did not know that. So, given that the point of Valhalla as I understand it is for warriors to feast and drink and fight and die and rise again to feast etc. some more, what are the women up to? They don't wind up cooking all this feast and pouring all this mead and stuff, do they? Because that is one raw deal there.

(Deleted comment)
The modern myths about motherhood are in serious need of repair. I mean. People talk about "mother bear" mode like it's something funny, and I would not be laughing if I were standing in front of me in that mode (even to the extent that I have accessed it already, without actual my-kid to get between me and), or my mother in that mode.

Childbirth is very Campbell, isn't it? You can have helpers and mentors and things, but nobody can really come with you, and then you've got the whole transformation/death/rebirth thing, with trials up to here and then you come back around to the settled place in society, kind of the same but also different....

Yes. Primal. Good word.

I think you do need to write this story. :) If you don't, I might. You know, in all that free time I have.

Go for it. As usual, I do not really have a plot so much as a striking visual image and a couple of sentences with implications.

Thank you. This is beautiful.

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