Tiger Spot (tiger_spot) wrote,
Tiger Spot

Battle Scars

I have developed some stretch marks, as tends to happen during this process, although they didn't show up until quite late. I'm not sure how obvious they're going to be long-term; they're sort of intermittent now (sometimes they're distinct purple marks, sometimes they're just shiny patches). But I was a little bummed out about it -- stretch marks, bah, stretch marks are boring. So chinders suggested I think of them as battle scars.

Yes. That's a much better idea.

"Mama, what are those?"
"Well, honey, those are from when I went down to the underworld to get you. I had to steal you back from the storks."

I am envisioning this as a fairly Aztec sort of underworld, with stylization and blood sacrifice. The storks can have sinister medical accoutrements, and possibly plague doctor masks.

I'm not sure I need to write this story, but perhaps someone should suggest it to Ursula Vernon.
Tags: fiction, pregnancy
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