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A decision!
[Company B]! And they're giving us an extra $5,000 because we went "Oh gosh we'd like to but we're so worried about housing costs."

We have spent the evening sticking our tongues out at the snow and daring the weather to do its worst, for soon we will be in sunny California, far away from Winter. Perhaps we are foolhardy.

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Congratulations! We'll be delighted to have you as neighbors. When do you arrive? :-)

(But, um, it's been raining for two solid days in "sunny California"...)

We don't know yet. We need to:
* find a moving company
* find a place to live
* tell our current landlords we're moving (an exciting surprise for them)
* figure out how we're getting there [1]
* etc.

It is allowed to rain for two days. It is not allowed to:
* rain for more than a week
* freeze

[1] The rats make this complicated. I have only the vaguest idea how/whether they're allowed to fly, and I'd very much like to see my parents this Christmas, because we didn't visit last Christmas and I haven't seen them in a long time, so what may work out best is one heck of a road trip from here to Texas to California. I don't know how that works with timing for the moving company (will they store things? how much does that cost?).

It does not freeze here. It has occasionally rained for a week at a time, I think, but it's hardly common.

Moving companies definitely do storage. I don't recall offhand what we paid for it when we did that, but that's the sort of question it's fairly easy to get them to answer. :-)

I am reasonably certain the moving company will store things. For my brother's stuff, they charged $300 for transferring the stuff from the Big Huge Long Moving Van to a small truck for getting it into Manhattan; I suspect the storage costs are probably somewhere between that and twice that, as the big expense in storage is the fact that they have to repack things.

It's also possible that they may have a schedule such that they take longer to get across the country than you do. My brother's stuff too a little over two weeks to get to him, and that was towards the low end of their expected time-for-delivery.

Yes, it's more a question of "how much does it cost to store things in transit between this exact address and this other exact address for this long", where we still don't know quite what the destination and the timing are.

If it's going to take two weeks for them to get there, then that is just about perfect -- it'll take us four-five days to do all that driving (including both legs) and then we can stay a week with my parents (I think Andres' dad is going to be in Michigan with his fiancee, or we'd stop in Austin and see him too) and not be wasting any valuable unpacking-and-settling-in time.

Indeed -- as I was about to say, in honor of your decision the weather here has been doing its best imitation of Seattle.

Though it did get some very impressive thunderclaps in there, too. One of them shook loose a ceiling tile at suzanne's office, and set off all sorts of car alarms. (It was a pretty sharp crack here at home three miles away, even.)

Thunderstorms I like. From a nice safe indoor sort of spot, with assurance that I won't be wanting to go out in it any time soon.

Congratulations! Though as others have said, it's pouring rain right now.

That's great!

Now I'll put you on my "people to contact when I'm out there" list

Yay! And, uh, hello. :) Glad to hear that [Company B] finally came through. If the weather gods are listening, though, it will probably get nice and sunny there just as you're ready to leave...

I'd be happy to lend a hand, or some storage space, if it would help out.

Thanks! (And hi! You are the R I think you are, right?) I think we should be able to get everything under control, but I will definitely let you know if we somehow don't.

(I am. :) After I commented, leback reminded me that my identity was not as apparent as I thought it was. Oops. I'm glad you figured it out anyway.) That's good to hear. Being out of control can sometimes be fun, but moving is not one of those times...

Why didn't I see this coming?

Oh no. California.

Ah well. I have to admit, it is really pretty out there! So what's your time table look like now?

Re: Why didn't I see this coming?

We do not have a timetable as yet. What we're probably going to do is:

1. Set up a bunch of apartment tours for next weekend or the weekend after that.
2. Fly out, tour the apartments, and sign a lease for one of them.
[these two steps are optional, depending on cost of plane tickets and speed with which Andres can set up apartment tours]
3. Hire a moving company to pack up all our stuff some time shortly before Christmas.
4. Take the Road Trip From Hell, visiting Andres' grandparents in South Carolina, my parents in Beaumont, and Andres' dad and brother in Austin along the way.
5. Arrive at apartment at roughly the same time as the moving truck. [If steps 1 and 2 did not occur, arrive before the moving truck so we can have an address to send it to. This concept makes me profoundly nervous.]
6. Tentative start date at [Company B]: January 9th.

Re: Why didn't I see this coming?

Wow. This is moving pretty fast, idn't it?

Re: Why didn't I see this coming?

Oh yes. The fear, the terror, the hurrying. The possibility of not actually having as many days off work as this is going to take....

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