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Heartburn Sucks
Heartburn sucks big rocks through a bendy straw.

And my hip wants you all to die.

I would really, really, really rather be asleep right now.


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Heartburn does suck. I have it often enough that I've started keeping antacids next to the bed. :-( So I am extra sympathetic!

A lot of these random digestive side effects are things that are totally common, and easily covered by over the counter stuff or prevented by a bit of dietary attention . . . but since they're new to me, it takes me a while to identify the problem, figure out what might be causing it and what might help, and then lay in appropriate supplies. I have antacids now! And an explanation for why I've been wanting so much milk and yogurt lately. I didn't conciously know that they helped with acid stuff, but I think I've been unconsciously treating minor bits of this for a while.

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