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Heartburn Sucks
Heartburn sucks big rocks through a bendy straw.

And my hip wants you all to die.

I would really, really, really rather be asleep right now.


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Awww-- Sympathies.

At least your situation will eventually get better. Unlike, say, if the hip were that bad simply from arthritis, which was my first assumption.

But I can relate. Anyone who thinks the mind and body are totally separate has never been hypoglycemic, been bad pain. had a chronic illness--or, evidently, been pregnant.

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No kidding!

Hip is happier having been sitting up for a while. It got overused this morning and it kind of hates lying down right now, so the combination was a bit much for it.

Heartburn will probably also not be quite this bad again for a while; I had a lovely big glass of lemonade at a party this evening and am writing that on my mental DON'T DO THAT AGAIN list in GIANT LETTERS OF FIRE. It will be easy to remember.

Hang in there. This has an expiration date, and it comes with a baby when it does, which is awesome. I understand that it sucks in the now, though, and I'm sorry.

Yes. All these things are true.

Yay sympathy I like sympathy.

Hm. It is not morning yet for you, either, is it? I hope you are awake for reasons that do not suck, or alternatively that if you were they have gone away now and/or that sleep happened. Sleep is nice.

It is morning for me. Time zone + morning person = morning

I mean, yesterday was a pukerific day, and so I woke up rather gingerly, but I have been able to keep down breakfast, so yay.

Oh good. Breakfast is nice too.

Heartburn does suck. I have it often enough that I've started keeping antacids next to the bed. :-( So I am extra sympathetic!

A lot of these random digestive side effects are things that are totally common, and easily covered by over the counter stuff or prevented by a bit of dietary attention . . . but since they're new to me, it takes me a while to identify the problem, figure out what might be causing it and what might help, and then lay in appropriate supplies. I have antacids now! And an explanation for why I've been wanting so much milk and yogurt lately. I didn't conciously know that they helped with acid stuff, but I think I've been unconsciously treating minor bits of this for a while.

Heartburn does suck a lot. :/ I had mine under good control for a while, but lately it's been getting unruly again. Aside from the discomfort itself (and the damage to the esophagus, increased risk of esophageal cancer, etc., etc.), I believe it's a big factor in my recent insomnia.

Yeah, I can believe that! It is totally unfair that lying down makes anything ouchy worse. Trying to sleep ought to only and always help.

Oh, heartburn - I had a spat of stress-induced acid reflux stuff just before I moved here. It meant I tossed and turned until I gave up and ate something to drop the acidity down enough to fall asleep. Carrot muffins were the only thing that seemed to help. :(

*hugs* I hope it has gone away by the time I'm typing this... and never returns. It seems particularly unfair that lemonade set it off. Lemonade seems so innocuous. Sneaky, sinister lemonade.

Sneaky, sinister, acidic lemonade. (Carbonated beverages can apparently be a problem too. I haven't noticed an issue with plain ol' carbonated water + syrup, but Coke is pretty acidic so maybe they mean that kind of carbonated beverage.)

Now I want a carrot muffin. Alas, I am muffinless and bereft.

I am sorry.

Heartburn and reflux suck. Staying upright after meals helps somewhat. Avoiding irritants helps somewhat. But this requires know what your irritants are, which is not easy till they have already irritated you.


Sleeping sitting up may be better in a weird value of better... I do it when allergies are bad and I can't breathe.

But this requires know what your irritants are, which is not easy till they have already irritated you.


Sleeping sitting up may be better

The comfy recliner is my friend.

sometimes ice/heat/or some sort of natural ben gay type menthol thing helped my hip be distracted from me remembering that it hurt EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY... la la la...

When I was pregnant I thought it was clear that "intelligent" design did not occur... and if it did God was a fucking mysoginistic ass!

Feel better. You do have my sympathies.

Your hip was a lot worse than my hip. My hip is intermittently cranky, and sensitive to certain positions. Your hip was, like, replaced with molten lava or something.

Egad, yes, if I thought something had designed this process deliberately I would be hunting it down. I kind of like the marsupial strategy, for minimal change; I could work with a pouch.

Sympathies - I had really bad reflux for most of my pregnancy, but when the acid part / heartburn kicked in near the end, it was like an extra bad joke.

Hopefully it was just the lemonade, but just in case it's useful, these are a few things helped me:
- Watermelon
- Cold cream (like a shot of cream)
- Sleeping upright draped forward over the arm of the couch with a lot of pillows (well, it didn't really help, but it let me get some sleep)

Also, since mine was probably baby position related, it was at its worst only for about a week or maybe two, until the baby started to drop, so hang in there...

Ooh, I bet cream is aces at throat-coating. ::makes a note::

I would not have guessed that watermelon would be helpful.

How to be Comfortable while Pregnant: Step One: Fill room with pillows.

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