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I'd decided that, although by the time 4th Street rolls around I am probably going to be Too Pregnant to enjoy it properly, what with the flying and all, I was going to try to make it to WisCon. Okay, the main hotel was sold out by the time I made this decision, and assuming nothing magical happens to my hip[1] between now and then I really want to be in the main hotel, but there seemed to be a fair number of people looking for roommates and things, so it was a good plan still. Flights were a little obnoxious time-wise but doable. Etc.

... but I couldn't get the time off work. Aargh! (If I'm going to put up with the pain in the ass that is flying, I want to be there for the whole thing, and the powers that be are not happy with the 4 days off right then that is whole thing + recovery time given the slightly weird flight timing. 2 days off okay, but 2 days off is not sufficient. Boo.)

Now I need something totally awesome to do Memorial Day weekend so as not to be pouty and resentful the whole time. Maybe I will hold my own very tiny convention in my living room.

[1] <voice="KHAAAAAAAAN!">

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Boo! It would have been great to see you there.

Boo! (And I was already going to use that word before I saw ckd's comment.) I will be sad not to see you. I think the tiny convention in your living room idea sounds cool, though.

TinyCon! Hm. Do I try to arrange panelists? Do I just replicate the consuite and have people pretend they're continuing discussions sparked by the list of panels what is posted somewhere? Do I make people sit in a circle and draw topics from a hat?

Do I try to include a playreading?

Those are good questions! I think a playreading sounds good, though, and then if you do consuite some of the discussions may flow naturally from the playreading.

I think most of my parties are basically like hanging out in the consuite anyway, so that part gets in for free.

Can't come to Tinycon; have to be at BayCon. Sigh.

Hmm. Tell me of this BayCon. How big is it? What's the programming like?

BayCon is - unsurprisingly - the annual con for the Bay Area. Bigness is relative, and I don't know numbers; it's bigger than FogCon, and well-established. I went last year and enjoyed the most of it. Programming felt quite busy; Karen and I both did more than one panel, and I think it's two- or three-track. They are kind of last-minute organisationally - it's happening in, what, three weeks, and the programming questionnaire only came a week ago - and the hotel's not the best for barcon/gathering. Worth checking out once, I think, at least: whether it's better to do that this year with incipient sprog or another year with actual sprog, I don't know.

(PS - I've never been to WisCon, but I do feel safe in saying that BayCon is nothing like WisCon...)

aww, sorry you're missing wiscon

Will TinyCon have tshirts/swag? You could have two rooms - the consuite, and the video room.
(Depending on bike scheduling, I would only be able to attend the evening panels/viewings. Possibly. Still working on that part.)
Also, the Powers That Be are jerks. Boo! Hiss!

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