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FOGcon 2 report

Convention convention convention!

What, you expect coherency? I used all that up. I used my whole brain, and also, I don't know, my pancreas or something. It was a most excellent convention, with most excellent attendees[1], and interesting panels, and great conversations, and a couple of good restaurants, and tasty food in the consuite with enough nutrition to support conscious thought the entire weekend!

I hereby declare the mascot of FOGcon 2 to be Cordyceps fungus, which came up more or less independently at three different panels I was at.

I think my moderating went well; I had people come up to me after each panel and tell me it went well, anyway, so I choose to trust their reports. :) brooksmoses also said that I maybe talked a bit much on the second one, for a moderator, but I had opinions.... So I will totally sign up to moderate and/or panelistize (is there a verb for that?) in the future, because it was fun.

I do not have detailed panel reports, but I do have lots of ideas for programming for next year (and a strong urge to volunteer to run like six different things [consuite! childcare!], but I really really shouldn't because I do not know if I will actually have capacity to handle anything besides Sputnik to a standard that pleases me; perhaps I will have a better sense closer to time, and can do a few shifts of something or other, to start with).

I have figured out what it is that happens to me on the last day of cons: between the sleep deprivation and the constant positive reinforcement for talking, all the filters between my brain and my mouth get eroded. I get kinda loud once they're gone. (The post-mortem what-went-well, what-needs-changes panel kind of turned into the Theresa and Brooks show because we kept reminding each other of other little things to mention.)

We couldn't stay on for the dead frog party because Andres had to catch a plane, so we headed out after the post-mortem on Sunday. Despite having used my entire brain (plus spleen or what-have-you), I kept coming up with possible themes for next year[2] all the rest of the day. Want! More! FOGcon!

[1] On the way home in the car:
me: FYI, this year's con crush is [name redacted].
chinders: Aw, yours is local! I only get crushes on writers from the East Coast!

[2] Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Go here and suggest "Family". Provide diverse and creative supporting reasons. :) Suggest other nifty themes as well if you think of them; I have a few more that I will also mention, but Family is the best one and I wish to encourage the concom to consider it thoroughly.

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WRT chinders in [1]: I've historically been okay with not being a writer (it's just not in my nature for whatever reason), but now I seem to have a reason to be sad I'm not one. ;-)

(My con crushes also tend to be non-local, but for my definition of "local". Perhaps we should set up an exchange program of some sort.)

Teleporters. It's all about the teleporters.

hurray for fogcon reports. what panels did you paneletize?

also, had i been there, i would get a crush on whomever lived furthest away, of course.

Edited at 2012-04-03 04:18 pm (UTC)

I moderated "Best Alien Ever" and "Did Everyone Fail High School Biology?". But I talked enough on that second one to count as a regular panelist too. Possibly two regular panelists, depending on who you ask.

We have many fine Indian restaurants here in the Bay Area! As I'm sure you're aware. :)

I only tend to get con crushes on people who live at least 10,000 miles away from me. :/

I have spent substantial thought this evening trying to figure out what range that leaves you. Looks like... Europe, most of Africa, the Eastern seaboard of North America, and a good big chunk of South America? Fairly well-supplied with potential crushes, that region. But, yes, not the most convenient.

The commute is a bitch.

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