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My bicycle exploded!
Well, the rear tire, anyway. So I had better get on with that finding a bike shop and getting a tune-up thing I've been sort of vaguely planning to do for a while.

Er... does anybody have recommendations?

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Gleep! That sounds rather distressing!

If you want to try the campus bike shop, one possible plan would be for you to give me a ride in to campus tomorrow (with the bike on the back of the car) and I could show you how to get to the bike shop. If we got there at 4:00, which is when all the parking spots next to the bike shop stop requiring parking permits, that would be just the right amount of time for me to show you to the bike shop and head off to the 4:15 seminar I'm planning to go to.

Ha, too late. I've been efficient today. Spendy, but time-efficient.

Ah, well. Yay efficiency! And it's no doubt nice to not have to worry about getting it done any more.

It does rather bring to mind the need to check the car tires, though. When last inspected, one of them was looking a bit iffy. It would be much much worse to have one of those go.

I'd recommend Bayview Cycle, which is wonderful, but it might be a tad far for you. ;)

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