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I Found My Baklava Recipe!
It was living in Santa Cruz under an assumed name.

Some time ago, I learned that the Joy of Cooking baklava recipe, while usable (it's hard to go too wrong with nuts and honey), was just not a good baklava recipe. The oven temperatures are wonky so it tends to burn, and it's sweet but not very flavorful. When we lived in Pittsburgh, however, I borrowed one of the Moosewood cookbooks from our housemate, and discovered the One True Baklava Recipe. It bakes up perfectly; it's full of spices and citrus and general sticky goodness; it is overall a thing of joy and delight.

After we moved out, I couldn't find it. I searched the Internet for "Moosewood baklava". No love. I used Amazon's "Search within this book" feature on every Moosewood cookbook. No love. I checked the index of all the Moosewood cookbooks I could find at used and new bookstores. Nothing! I was sad.

Years passed.

Then, yesterday, I woke up a bit earlier than everyone else, here in this delightful vacation rental that Cathy has found for us, and discovered that the fully-equipped kitchen included cookbooks in its fully-equippedness. Included, specifically, Sundays at Moosewood. Hmmm, I thought. We haven't gotten groceries for dinner yet; perhaps something in here will be inspiring. And there — there on the page — away from everything else on the page ("Your storytelling style owes a lot to Arlo Guthrie, doesn't it?" says Brooks) — was MY BAKLAVA RECIPE. I couldn't find it, all these years, because they had spelled it with a P. Paklava. Paklava. I ask you.

And then we went to the grocery, and I made a great big tray of baklava, and it is golden and delicious and overall a thing of joy and delight, and Andres OCRed the recipe and it will never, never leave my sticky little fingers again, and I can have baklava whenever I want.

Baklava. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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My shameful confession for the day: I do not own a single Moosewood cookbook. *hides*

That's okay, neither do I!

Well, now you do! (Thanks to library booksales....)

We could have looked it up in our Moosewoods! :)

Only if one of us knew where to look! Thus the difficulty. (Paklava. Sheesh.)

Here is my related story:

My mom said, "I don't think you'd like baklava. It's just not worth it."

What she meant was, "I don't think you'd like baklava compared to homemade Lebanese baklawa as made by my high school best friend's mom. It's just not worth it."

You can see why the difference might turn out to be important.

Especially since we live near a Lebanese neighborhood in SSP.

Yes, that is an important elided bit there!

Synchronicity is a very weird thing. . .

One of my favorites - I prefer it with pistachio, but a mix of pistachio & walnuts makes it a little cheaper!

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