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Commitment Ceremony Preliminary Report
For those of you who are unaware (which is actually rather a lot of you, on the grounds that one does not talk about upcoming parties with people who are not invited, and we didn't invite many people because there wasn't room), andres_s_p_b, brooksmoses, chinders, suzanne, and I had a commitment ceremony here at the house yesterday. It went very well.

We deputized a number of people to take pictures while we were busy up front with the talking and being nervous part, but we haven't got those back yet so I cannot show off. We're also going to put a transcript of the vows up, since people seemed to like them. (The line in my vows with Andres that got a big laugh at our wedding did it again. Most of the folks at this ceremony weren't at that one, so they hadn't heard it before.) Again, that hasn't happened quite yet, so there will be a followup post later with pictures and transcript. It'll be like being there, except quieter!

Also like being there, but quieter, was the contingent calling in via videophone. The night before the ceremony, Cathy was talking with a friend in New Jersey who couldn't make it out, and the friend said "I wish I could just Skype in!" Cathy relayed that later, and we were like "Hey... we could do that!" So we set up a Google hangout and got that friend, Cathy's sister who was working a show and couldn't make it, and the Boston contingent in via webcam-on-tripod. I wish we'd thought of it earlier so that we could have contacted more of the people who couldn't make it in to town!

The folks we had doing the introductory and closing readings did a fantastic job. Yay cobalt_00 and eeyore_grrl! Very thoroughly emoted and clearly enunciated and all that good stuff. Everybody seemed to have a good time. Huzzah, success!

Our dog Galen wearing a black bowtie and looking very dapper.

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congratulations! Look forward to seeing the pictures (but this one of Galen is a treasure!)

Everyone loves a man in formalwear. :)

Hurray! Congrats! Hugs!

I will share those out. :)

Hooray and congratulations! (And happiness that some of the far-flung folks could be there virtually.)

Thanks! Apparently the connection worked pretty well, although there were some issues with the sound here and there.

Congratulations to you all! Yay!! :-D

(Deleted comment)
suzanne asked if we felt different, afterwards. I think I only feel different when people are congratulating us....

congrats to all of you!


I'm glad it went off well.

Us too! It really did go absolutely the best it could possibly have gone. Hurrah, our awesome friends!

Awww, Galen!

I'm excited about reading your ceremony. boyastridgirl and I are writing our own as well, and it's nice to hear from likeminded folks.

The process was remarkably smooth. The actual final writing got pushed a little closer to go-time than was ideal, because of various people's travel schedules, but it worked out fine. I can talk more about how that went, but it may make more sense after we get the transcript up.

Mazel Tov to all of you! And yay! Goggie!!!!! Adorable tie, I may have to borrow it!

I am sure Galen will not mind if you borrow the tie. I can't think we'll have terribly many uses for it. :)

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