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Am I a functional human being yet?

Change a diaper: Check!
Plan an invasion: Only simulations, but it's not like this is something that comes up all that often.
Butcher a hog: No, but I've turned a cedar waxwing into a museum skin. Does that count? And I can milk both cows and goats.
Conn a ship: Boats only for me. (A boat is a thing what floats in water. A ship is a thing what floats in water and carries some boats.)
Design a building: Not in the sense of architectural plans, but I can throw together perfectly reasonable survival shelters.
Write a sonnet: Check! Although if I want to do it again, I'll have to look up what the different types of sonnets are.
Balance accounts: Check!
Build a wall: For rather small values of "wall", yes.
Set a bone: Haven't had to, but am familiar with the theory and decent at first aid in general.
Comfort the dying: Check.
Take orders: Check!
Give orders: Check!
Cooperate: Check!
Act alone: Check!
Solve equations: Check!
Analyze a new problem: Check!
Pitch manure: Haven't, actually, but I've turned compost, which is quite similar.
Program a computer: BASIC. Working on JavaScript.
Cook a tasty meal: Check!
Fight efficiently: Define "efficiently".
Die gallantly: Won't know about that for a while, now will we?
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