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Am I a functional human being yet?

Change a diaper: Check!
Plan an invasion: Only simulations, but it's not like this is something that comes up all that often.
Butcher a hog: No, but I've turned a cedar waxwing into a museum skin. Does that count? And I can milk both cows and goats.
Conn a ship: Boats only for me. (A boat is a thing what floats in water. A ship is a thing what floats in water and carries some boats.)
Design a building: Not in the sense of architectural plans, but I can throw together perfectly reasonable survival shelters.
Write a sonnet: Check! Although if I want to do it again, I'll have to look up what the different types of sonnets are.
Balance accounts: Check!
Build a wall: For rather small values of "wall", yes.
Set a bone: Haven't had to, but am familiar with the theory and decent at first aid in general.
Comfort the dying: Check.
Take orders: Check!
Give orders: Check!
Cooperate: Check!
Act alone: Check!
Solve equations: Check!
Analyze a new problem: Check!
Pitch manure: Haven't, actually, but I've turned compost, which is quite similar.
Program a computer: BASIC. Working on JavaScript.
Cook a tasty meal: Check!
Fight efficiently: Define "efficiently".
Die gallantly: Won't know about that for a while, now will we?

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I just ran across the quote for the first time in a good long while, and was curious to see how I stacked up now. I don't think any of the specific items on the list are necessary.

Well, maybe cooperate, act alone, and analyze a new problem. Those are pretty darn basic.

So, I enjoyed this and the one that firecat wrote - particularly the comments on that one. Heinlein was never the philosopher he wished he was - and I've never felt the need to take him too seriously or literally. I pretty much agree with the commenter who suggested that the spirit of the list seems right, while the necessity to pay attention to the specifics of the list is invalidated by the list items themselves. That is, if you can "analyze a new problem," and you can realize that times have changed and necessary skill sets have thus also changed, then you can figure out a new set of skills. I do like the larger selection given here, and the variety in these tasks. I like Heinlein's overall pioneer/DIY mentality is clear in all of his works, and it wouldn't be too hard to live up to his standards. Figure you read Nietzsche and Rand and come out somewhere in the middle - perhaps with more wild sex thrown in, if you're Lazarus Long.

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