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Sussex Pond Pudding
Today I am running an experiment.

I have, in the kitchen, a Sussex Pond Pudding. This is, to a first approximation, a lemon in a pie crust, which is then steamed for 3 1/2 hours. The internet tells me it will undergo a miraculous alchemy and turn into food. I have my doubts, but I am game to try.

I suspect my not-a-pudding-mold substitute may be the most likely failure point, as it is more or less the right size but rather flatter than it should be.

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Yay! It will be food, it will. Barring disasters. Sussex Pond makes a lovely pudding.

Do let us know how it goes for you...

I will be sure to report back.

Oooh. That is tasty. Not quite what I was expecting from the description -- the pastry part soaked up all the liquid and got soft and fluffy. Nice with cream, a bit like a lemon shortcake.

Yup. That's what a good steamed pudding does. Yay for your Sussex Pond!

I'm not skeptical of it being food, but I am skeptical of it being anything more than slightly lemony butter overload.

Mmm, lemony butter overload. I figure if it's not good by itself, it should still make pretty decent ice cream topping. Assume nothing explodes or burns or whatnot.

(psst, that's a feature.)

Nom nom lemon butter. Not too much butter, as it turns out -- the pastry part soaked it all right up and got big and fluffy.

It would be good with ice cream, too. Perhaps I will try that later -- right now my body has somewhat belatedly realized just how much butter was in the slice I ate and is of the opinion that that is quite enough butter for one day, thank you.

I wonder how well this keeps? It seems like reheating might be a bit fussy.

How very strange. I am intrigued!

It worked well, and now I can no longer be intimidated by recipes calling for pudding molds, because I know how to fake it! Take that, cross-Atlantic divide!

...Making puddings out of pond material seems dubious at best. Puddings from lemons in pie crust, however, seem like genius. :)

I don't know about genius, but a totally workable idea. Come visit, you can try some.

Drat - I saw this and we came racing over and I think you're all still out climbing. :( (Or so the mournful noise of the housemate you left behind seemed to say.)
I hope it was great! (If there is still some tomorrow, I definitely want a taste!)

Aw, rats -- I posted it before Andres got home, but once that happened we left. There's about half left, so it should still be there tomorrow. We will try not to all sneak away at once. :)

So, what did you use as a pudding-mold substitute, then?

One of the Pyrex bowls. They're not meant for "stove-top use", but the boiling water seemed like it ought to distribute the heat enough to be safe.

Pyrex bowls are a classic, in the absence of either a proper pudding-basin or a contemporary fancy version. These days I have both of those, but I still make my Christmas pudding in Pyrex.

hmm... sounds interesting (in the 'ooh tasty' sort of way)! (I'm a big shaker lemon pie fan, this sounds like it's in a similar class.)

ooooh to both pudding and to shaker lemon pie.

I must make lemony goodness soon.

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