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In Other News, the Insides of Dishwashers Are Really Gross
Our dishwasher hasn't been draining properly. So today, brooksmoses and I disassembled important bits of it to clean them out and see if there were any obvious clogs or broken things.

We found things we expected, like olive pits and cabbage stems and dear-god-is-that-cartilage?, and things we didn't expect, like a SIM card. From a company called TruPhone.

Please tell me: How did the SIM card get in the dishwasher? Not just in the dishwasher, but down deep in the workings of the thing, between the Foreign Object Protector and the Inlet Protector.

You may use the manual for reference, if you think it'll help.

(P.S. It drains now.)

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Clearly it contains super-secret information and you will now find yourself the focus of either a nefarious criminal enterprise, a law-unto-itself multinational corporation, or a clandestine government organization....

A valid and exciting theory! SIM card in dishwasher seems like an inefficient way to either transmit or hide information, so that would make the criminals/corporation/clandestines relatively incompetent, which is much better for my eventual success at besting them. Really, there'd be no better place to find said secret information.

Yes. Yes they are. Is this a dishwasher you purchased or did it come with the house?

Came with the house. So it may or may not have been cleaned ever in the last ten years. (Most of it wasn't too bad; the automatic "I am soiled! I will run backwards to clear out the pump!" system seems pretty effective overall.)

As I said when I learned this fact: "Oh, that's where it went!" Said SIM card was for a pay-as-you-go plan from TruPhone I was trying out at one point with limited success, and the SIM card vanished off my office desk a year ago. How exactly it got into the dishwasher, I'm not sure—it probably stuck to the bottom of a plate or a mug and stowed away to a watery demise.

When we started staging our house for sale, I sat down to clean the dishwasher. I had done a pretty superficial job of it by the time I declared, "Oh, THAT is NASTY!" and gave up. I keep thinking that I should disassemble it and clean it thoroughly (and do the same with the clothes dryer), but then it occurs to me that I'd rather just, you know... move.

If it smells funny, run some vinegar through it. Other than that, superficial is fine. So say I!

No funny smells so far, thankfully. :)

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