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Have I Mentioned Lately that I am a Rock Star?
Went climbing yesterday.

Have this to say:



andres_s_p_b made fun of my victory dance. :P to him.

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I should say that Planet Granite grades things (1) very easily and (2) not very consistently. But still. I climbed the things!

Congrats! Climb all the things!

Man, you *are* a rock star.

Holy crap! Way to go! :) (Do you have arms left?)

I have all the arms. The particular 5.11a in question is about keeping your balance in the right direction to hang from relatively flat, mostly small handholds long enough to get your legs over to the next balance-point, not about arm-hauling like some routes I could name (5.10a on the back of the double wave, I am looking at you, you evil thing). Everything else I did was pretty easy. :)

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