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Ice Cream Flavors
Recently, brooksmoses saw an ice cream maker somewhere-or-other and decided it needed to come live with us. So we've made a batch or two of ice cream -- the Mexican chocolate from the included recipe booklet, with chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne, is quite tasty -- and determined that the custard base is an excellent base but ice cream flavors we can buy at the store are boring.

Help us think of new ones.

So far, the best idea is andres_s_p_b's suggestion of Victorian Sexuality: it looks like vanilla, but isn't. We're thinking white chocolate with either just a hint of peppermint extract or a rather larger quantity of almond extract; macadamia nuts might be a nice touch. I would also like to do a chai flavor.

What's good in ice cream that Ben & Jerry's doesn't already do?

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It's a subtle flavor. I saw another recipe with star fruit and ginger.

Also, rhubarb comes to mind. And have you ever had chokecherry? I should send you some chokecherry syrup.

I have not ever had chokecherry. Is it mostly like cherries? Cherries are yummy.

It is not like cherries at all. I can't think of what it tastes like except chokecherries. And, alas, the chokecherry season in South Dakota is done. Maybe I can get my friend up in the UP to harvest some and freeze them for me.

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