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Ice Cream Flavors
Recently, brooksmoses saw an ice cream maker somewhere-or-other and decided it needed to come live with us. So we've made a batch or two of ice cream -- the Mexican chocolate from the included recipe booklet, with chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne, is quite tasty -- and determined that the custard base is an excellent base but ice cream flavors we can buy at the store are boring.

Help us think of new ones.

So far, the best idea is andres_s_p_b's suggestion of Victorian Sexuality: it looks like vanilla, but isn't. We're thinking white chocolate with either just a hint of peppermint extract or a rather larger quantity of almond extract; macadamia nuts might be a nice touch. I would also like to do a chai flavor.

What's good in ice cream that Ben & Jerry's doesn't already do?

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Ooh! I love ice cream but I don't like the flavors at the grocery store.

Many of the flavors I love come from Izzy's Ice Cream in St. Paul. Their website displays which flavors they are serving at the moment. (Including things like Basil!) The picture of that is here: http://flavorup.izzysicecream.com/flavor-grid

Another local place, Sebastian Joe's in Minneapolis, serves one of my favorite flavors ever, Pavarotti. It is rather carmel and banana-y with maybe a hint of coffee flavor (but only a hint) and chocolate chips. It is fantastic.

Mango is always good. I tend to like spice flavors, like Izzy's Norwegian Chai and their Blue Mountain Spice.

Mexican chocolate sounds delicious!

For some reason, my mind went right to star fruit. I have no idea why. But there's a cool recipe here if you are interested. It looks yummy.

I have not been impressed by the star fruit I have tried, which is disappointing because they look so cool. Maybe I just haven't found a properly ripe one.

Best icecream I had last year [*] was cucumber. It's a summer flavour, light and fresh and OMG wonderful.

[*] Our local icecream shop always has at least one experimental flavour. Yesterday's was Birdfood (berries and nuts) last week was Stout, ...

One day I'd like to know whether parsley icecream would work.

Is that an ice cream or a sorbet? Cucumber seems like it would sorbet well. Hm. If it's a dairy ice cream, you could go in sort of a raita direction... that might be interesting.

Pandan leaf with carmelized palm sugar and red bean paste, with some sweet rose water drizzled on top.

Oh, that sounds really good. Where would you go about looking for pandan leaf, and how would it be prepared for this sort of use? (Fresh bits, dried powder, some sort of syrup or infusion...?)

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My vote is for pear sorbet!

(Deleted comment)
A couple I have made and enjoyed:

"Gingersnap Snickerdoodle" = vanilla custard base + pumpkin pie spice + broken-up sugar cookies

"Ginger Peach Spice" = vanilla custard base (more of a gelato base, I think -- all milk, no cream -- though I confess I don't know all the proper names of things) + peach nectar, boiled until it reduces to a thick syrup + ginger + garam masala

I did a Fluffernutter (vanilla custard base + crunchy peanut butter + mini marshmallows) but I never got to taste it, so I can't properly recommend it. I also did a Mojito flavored ice cream (though next time I would probably use rum extract instead of trying to balance enough rum to flavor with too much rum to freeze) that got mixed reviews -- one sister loved it, one brother said it tasted like toothpaste.

I have plans to do a Pecan Pie flavor with caramelized pecans, bourbon, and bits of real pie crust.

I read in The Compass of Pleasure that ice cream with varying textures (crunchy bits or whatnot) is generally enjoyed more than smooth ice cream, and ever since then I have had a mild obsession with putting bits and pieces in my ice creams.

I just noticed both of my favorites were gingery. Very surprising!

Just how exotic did you want to get?

I had an excellent black sesame ice cream last night. One of my local friends has made goat cheese/fig jam as an ice cream.

I've been a longtime fan of advieh (a Persian spice blend) as a flavoring.

I like lemon and blueberry together.

I am up for pretty exotic, in terms of ingredient rarity/unusualness. But I am looking for things that taste good and happen to be a bit unusual, rather than things that are As Weird As Possible with flavor a secondary consideration, if that makes sense. Strange is maybe a nice bonus, but not the whole goal of the exercise.

I have not to date much liked ice creams with savory sorts of things in them (salt, vinegar); my preferences in ice cream inclusions tend more towards sweets (caramel, maple syrup, fruits), spices, and nuts/chocolate/crunchy bits.

Lemon and blueberry sounds like a really good sorbet combination.

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various chocolate flavors were always a hit at the homemade icecream shop i worked at in colorado. White Peach Champagne Sorbet was a huge hit, though he didn't make it much. i have no recipes or ideas... i only scooped, made shakes, sundaes, and espresso drinks...

There's a type of cinnamon ice cream that involved simmering the cinnamon in the cream for hours; it is magnificent.

Green tea ice cream is the only kind I'll still eat, since I'm mostly pisco-vegan.

I'd bet Red Zinger ice cream (or sorbet, but even more ice cream) would be good.

My ice cream lady that you wot of makes a burnt butterscotch now, and I put cocoa nibs on it.

Also buttermilk ice creams are fabulous when she makes them. The blueberry buttermilk she makes is what blueberry cheesecake wants to be when it grows up.

I think I tried the burnt butterscotch when we were up last! It was a little too burnt for me, but a good concept.

OMG these all sound delicious!~

what about ice cream that combines the flavors of mango sticky rice? Mango, toasted sesame, rice, butter, salt.

or hell, just toasted sesame flavor (perhaps with a touch of cinnamon, or vanilla, sweetened with honey?)

cortneyofeden make an awesome mint chocolate chip using fresh mint from the yard. We even bought a french press to squeeze the custard out of the mint.

We've also made a close copy of the B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I once made a strawberry ice (strawberries, sugar and water). Strawberry ice is a classic summer ice cream.

Persimmon!! They'll be in season soon-ish. I can tell because one of my persimmons is starting to get a little bit of orange blush on it... I am very impatient. They are my favoritest fruit. I like to make persimmon sauce or jam with a little allspice and cloves and I bet that would be good in ice cream too.

Our persimmon tree did not fruit this year. I am tragically sad.

Allspice and cloves, yes, that would be a lovely combination. Must hit Farmer's Market in a few weeks here.

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