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In Which Google+ Is Mentioned
I signed up for Google+. It looks rather neat, and I've been having fun poking around and watching the tide of people rush in.

I'm not sure what it's good for yet. It seems to support conversations (in comments) better than I'd expect, so that's nice. I dislike the way it does links. Just let me put in my <a href>s, sheesh. None of this picture & excerpt nonsense.

I suppose I can send out invitations if you need one, although it doesn't sound like they're hard to come by. My understanding is that they're throttling entrances by having invitations work only sometimes, so if you already have one but it didn't work, try again later.

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I've gotten three invites so far, but I wonder sometimes if the first one was a gag. It is, after all, one of those social networking things, and I think everyone knows how I feel about those. We'll see.
What does it make you do for links?

It puts a picture and an excerpt from the page down at the bottom of the post, separated from any natural mention of it. Works fine if all you want to say is "Hey, look at this link!" but does not blend naturally into the hypertext medium that is the web.

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