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Productive Partner People
Andres and Cathy had Tuesday off this week. They took advantage of that to take care of a bunch of things that have been lurking about the house needing to be done: They bought and hung new sheer curtains to replace the torn ones[1], found a ceiling fan light fixture to replace the chandelier in the living room, and lined up an electrician to deal with said fan, an attic fan, and the lamp post in the yard.

Yay, Andres and Cathy!

[1] I have complained before about the sheer curtains in the front window being made of gossamer and fairy spit, such that just touching them puts holes in them. It turns out that the problem is not so much delicate materials per se as having been hanging in a sunny, south-facing window for 8 years. UV is damaging stuff.

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Yay things!

I have my own list of things to accomplish around the house this weekend. Thankfully, most of it is of the organization/put-shit-away variety, rather than shopping/fixing things.

Now if only I could successfully make mayo this weekend too, I'd be sooooo happy. :)

nicely done!

UV is HARD on fabrics. I don't know, perhaps there are some fabrics that are better able to resist it?

I remember being STUNNED at how much damage one year of California sun through a window did to the cover of one of my cookbooks in a bookshelf. The spine was exposed and faded to nothing, while the protected side covers were still the original color.

Sun is strong stuff. That's why I avoid it.

And soon you will have the enjoyable experience of installing the new light fixture while the dog Helps. ;) (Is he a Helper with home projects?)

Not really. If he hears interesting noises he'll come investigate, but if there's nothing running away from him then he doesn't have anything obvious to do so he wanders off again.

Okay, it turns out that if there are professionals doing the installing, then Galen feels strongly that he ought to keep an eye on them. You never know when they might install something backwards; gotta check up on those guys.

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