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Independence Day According to the Dog

Being a Somewhat Compressed Version of Events

Galen: What the hell was that?!
us: Nothing. It's fine.
Galen: No, shit, those are explosions! We're under attack! FEAR! FIRE! FOES!
us: Yeah, okay, they're explosions. But they're fine! Nothing to worry about.
Galen: Are you sure? Perhaps you did not hear the explosions. THOSE WERE EXPLOSIONS, GUYS.
us: Trust us, we know what we're talking about. Do we look worried?
Galen: No... but you TOTALLY SHOULD.
us: It's all right. We know. Everything is okay.
Galen: You're not taking this seriously.
us: No. No, we're not.

Those of you who have heard my dog cuss can perhaps envision this more accurately. Ah, hounds.
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