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Independence Day According to the Dog
Being a Somewhat Compressed Version of Events

Galen: What the hell was that?!
us: Nothing. It's fine.
Galen: No, shit, those are explosions! We're under attack! FEAR! FIRE! FOES!
us: Yeah, okay, they're explosions. But they're fine! Nothing to worry about.
Galen: Are you sure? Perhaps you did not hear the explosions. THOSE WERE EXPLOSIONS, GUYS.
us: Trust us, we know what we're talking about. Do we look worried?
Galen: No... but you TOTALLY SHOULD.
us: It's all right. We know. Everything is okay.
Galen: You're not taking this seriously.
us: No. No, we're not.

Those of you who have heard my dog cuss can perhaps envision this more accurately. Ah, hounds.

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Ista had a mostly okay year this year. timprov and I were gone at a concert, so she had to make sure several times that markgritter was okay and not too scared. Seriously, she totally fakes this: "...I was just checkin' on ya, monkey. Wanted to make sure you weren't freaking out. Ooookay. Well, if you're fine then." She saunters.

Apparently there was one moment where she stopped sauntering and started trying to dig a hole in markgritter's office floor, but let us pass over that.

Heh. Sometimes Galen checks with me first to see if that startling noise was anything to freak out about. I love it when he does that, but it's not his first impulse -- he's got an awfully long history of freaking out on his own recognizance.

(Never hit freaking out stage with the fireworks, though -- he just wanted to make sure we knew about them, and knew that he thought they were something that we ought to Do Something About, and then was put out when we dismissed his opinion. He is a dog of strong opinions.)

The kittons are also not thrilled about explosions.

There was a competition to see how many could fit all the way under the bed at one time.

They are calmer now.

(Deleted comment)
Medication would be way overkill. He wasn't really scared, just startled (and concerned at first). It's just that when he has something to say, he is by God going to say it until he is done saying it. The latter half of the evening, he was asleep; there was more normal house-noise then (piano and TV) to cover the bangs, so that might have been part of it, but mostly he had realized there wasn't actually anything to worry about.

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