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This Is How I Measure My Awesomeness
I went climbing Wednesday and climbed many difficult things, leaving interesting new parts of my shoulders sore today. So my plan for today's climbing was to do easy things.

I was bad at following this plan... but very good at climbing. 5.10d! Go me!

(I really need a climbing icon. Somebody remind me to bring my camera next week.)

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I am so happy that you are progressing! Yay you. A climbing icon would be awesome indeed.

Thanks! I think, based on that climb, I may have undervalued the "How Hard Am I?" route, which I gave a 10b on grounds that, while I found it tricky and rested a few times, I did get up it on my first go without cheating. Perhaps it is a 10c after all.

Holy crap! That's amazing! :) You definitely need some kind of you-in-the-clouds-at-the-top-of-the-mega-slab kind of icon.

Oh, pshaw, that's not high enough to get its own weather. For that you'd need... huh. Has anyone proposed turning Hangar One into a climbing gym?

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